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Genghis Khans Yurt

Genghis Khan’s yurt


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Creating One of Our Yurts

“Their huts or tents are formed of rods covered with felt and being exactly round and nicely put together.......”Marco Polo, 1254 - 1329

The early Mongolian Ger (yurt) was mounted on a cart pulled by oxen and was bottle shaped and were common during Genghis Khans time. His armies were housed in yurts similar to today`s while he was transported in a yurt on a cart pulled by 22 bulls!

Here at Quirky Camping we do not have the sort of facilities from Genghis Khans time but have gone for the simpler yet more luxurious type of yurt. They are hand crafted using willow grown in our own plantation just down the road so you can be sure of one thing,  they have been lovingly put together to ensure they are of the highest quality.  When you walk into your yurt you’ll find not just a bedroom but a living space as well.